Which Top Searched Keywords Are Driving You Traffic?

So how do you go about getting to the top searched keywords that will allow you to dominate your competition? There’s a long and expensive process that many SEO experts are willing to spend years doing. I can tell you from experience though, that there’s only one way to guarantee success when it comes to SEO. It’s called top SEO. There are dozens of other ways to drive qualified traffic to your website but without top SEO you’ll never get the traffic you desire.

Top searched keywords are the words that are being scoured through Google each day. This is why the top SEO specialists will charge you top dollar. As a third party you have absolutely no stake in knowing which keywords are the top ones to rank for, because after all you’re not their marketing partner. You don’t care which keywords they use or even care if they rank for them. All you want is to be ranked top for the particular keyword phrase that you’re targeting.

In this case we want to know how to dominate the digital marketing field with the top searched keywords that will give you the most qualified traffic. But how do you find them? Well the first step to dominate the field is to know which keywords would convert to paying customers. This can be done by tracking your competition and seeing what keywords they are ranking for. If you can find out what their top searched keywords are you’ll easily be able to find a bunch of keywords that would also rank well for your own product.

Once you’ve figured out what their top searched keywords are you need to figure out what digital marketing niche your customers are in. Let’s say that your customer search terms are “make money online.” They could be looking for affiliate marketing, internet marketing, ebooks, web marketing, online businesses, or a host of other digital marketing niches. Then you would want to target these keywords and include them in your own content and campaigns. Your main keyword phrase “make money online” would also be included as a primary keyword in your own digital marketing content and ads.

Now you’re almost there, your top searched keywords are now your main keyword phrases. So, what now? After your digital ads have shown up on the major search engines, your ad and your web traffic should be generating for your website. The only thing left to do after that is to get as much of that web traffic to join the organic lists. So, let’s talk about some more advanced methods for making more money with top searched keywords.

A high volume of top searched keywords will also increase your monthly search volumes. So, let’s use the Google keyword generator again. There’s actually an advanced keyword generator that you can set up to work with all of your keywords. It will create a daily report based on the volume of searches for each of your keywords. This means that you can monitor the effectiveness of those keyword ideas and use that information to make changes to your ads or content.

So you’ve figured out that your top searched keywords are your main ones, but what if there was another list that ranking your top keywords even higher? What if there was an advanced keyword planner that had multiple lists for all of your top searched keywords? You could use this keyword planner to gather even more information and generate even more ads and content for your site. And since the keyword planner also has monthly search bar functionality, it’s easy to do some comparison shopping to see how much each of your ad groups are costing you.

By monitoring your top searched keywords using the Google keyword generator and an advanced keyword planner, you’ll know whether or not you’re spending too much money on these keywords or if there’s a better way to spend your advertising dollars. The trick is knowing which of your search results are bringing in traffic and which of those results are results in clicks but aren’t necessarily sales. If you keep track of your YouTube videos and other ads in your Google account, you can quickly find out which keywords and ad groups are really paying off for you. And by monitoring your search results in YouTube, Google, and other search engines, you can learn how to optimize your ads so that they bring in as much traffic as possible, but don’t end up wasting money on keywords that aren’t converting.