The Best Paid Keyword Research Tools

best paid keyword research tools

The Best Paid Keyword Research Tools

What are the best paid keyword research tools? That’s a question many webmasters and SEO experts are asking as the cost of keywords continue to climb. Paid keyword research tools are a dime a dozen. There are hundreds out there. How do you know which one is the best?

Best Paid Keyword Research Software/ Tool – They’re not in any particular order. Each tool has its pros and cons. Each SEO tool has its favorite feature. Here each article will review each major seo tool.

Page Rank Tools – Very good overall, but has a few bad points. If you want to rank for a very difficult word or phrase, this isn’t the tool for you. AHREFs rank first page for all search queries, so if you have a keyword or phrase that no one wants to rank for, it may take a lot of research for you to find out how to use it to your advantage.

Free SEM Platform – The problem with most of these tools is that they have never been tested with real live organic competition. You can use a free platform and expect to make money, but it’s not a guarantee. SEMrush actually does pretty well for beginners and has great support for its members. However, it lacks the big daddy features of some of the paid competitors. Secockpit is a nice choice for a seo tool and is recommended by most seo experts.

Competition Viewer Tool – This is one of the better tools out there. It allows you to view the search volume for every single keyword in your niche in real time. That means that you can get an immediate sense of competition for any given day. You can easily see trends and see which keywords are being hit more, as well as how much traffic is flowing to those keywords. With so many details, it’s hard to point to any particular tool as the best overall pick for overall SEO research tools.

Wordtracker – Many SEO experts swear by Wordtracker. One reason is that it actually tells you the exact keyword difficulty for each niche. This allows you to choose harder terms that aren’t as competitive. For instance, if your target niche is “online pharmacies” and there is a high competition level for that term, you might consider changing your keywords to something easier to rank for. With Wordtracker, it will tell you exactly how difficult a word is and how many searches there are on a daily basis for that word. Other great benefits of this tool are its wide array of keywords and its ability to break down searches by geographic location, industry, and other criteria.

Overture Keywords – While other SEO tools focus mainly on keywords, Overture focuses more on competitor activity. With this tool, you can actually see how keywords are faring against popular search terms. If you like, you can even run specific campaigns based on search volume. However, the most important tool of all is its daily report. With this, you get an up-to-the-minute look at how your favorite keywords are doing compared with your competitors.

Wordtracker and Overture are two of the best paid keyword research tools out there, and they work well for their purposes. However, there are a few tools that stand out from the crowd and deserve additional attention. The ones that I recommend to put into your toolbox are: Genesis Keyword Research, Go keyword research, and Wordtracker. These three tools provide all of the information you need to effectively dominate your competition, so go ahead and download them today.