Keyword Finder – Know What’s Hot and Not So Hot

If you’re new to Internet marketing or are simply tired of your own SEO efforts, then perhaps it is time to use an online keyword finder tool. A good tool will allow you to uncover keywords that other marketers have been using as well as the best search terms for your niche. Before you go off and buy any keyword tool, do your research first. You might find a tool that fits your needs perfectly, but if not, then it’s always good to know what others are doing! Here’s how!

online keyword finder

– Keyword finders are great for long-tail keyword research. Yes, you could get the most detailed long tail keywords out there quickly with these tools. But why would you want to do this? When you look at that below the picture, you’ll notice that there are only 4 best keywords for your niche, and they’re all on page one of Google! How is this possible?

Well the reason is that most people don’t want to buy those keywords. Because they just don’t convert. That’s right, they don’t convert because the people searching them don’t have enough money to make a purchase. The top marketers know that; therefore they develop low hanging fruit keywords that will surely convert. They are called low-hanging fruit keywords.

I am talking about tools that have the Google AdWords system integrated into them. If you want to rank for that keyword with Google AdWords, then you need this type of tool. When you find this type of tool, it will give you a few different options. The first one is called the free Google AdWords cloud version.

The free Google AdWords cloud version will only give you the list of google AdWords keywords. It won’t give you any unique information about the words. It will only list the search phrases that are already very high in the rankings. You can try to guess which of the high ranking phrases are your niche keywords. In order to rank for them you must research to learn the exact keywords that are used to search for your niche products.

The second option is the paid version of this tool. The tool will give you a complete keyword list along with lots of other information. This will include competition information, current prices, competition changes and other data. With the data you will be able to see the competition for your niche words. By being able to see this competition you know how you are losing out on potential sales by other companies that are selling the same product or services.

The third option is the premium version. This gives you more information about your keywords and their search volume. It also gives you detailed information about the competition for each word. This will give you an idea what is working and what isn’t. This will help you choose the best keywords to use and what to drop off.

All three versions have some fresh features. You can try the free Google AdWords tool if you don’t want to put money into this tool. You can try the paid one if you want a full package that includes a fresh features. But if you only want to do keyword research to get ideas for future campaigns then the cloud and the paid tools are what you need.

The cloud version is what is most useful. This is because it is mobile. You can do searches from anywhere. You can also track your rankings and run competitions. If you want to do the low competition keywords research easier then the Google AdWords tool is your best option.

Some of the other tools you might be interested in include: Rank Tracker, Keyword Competitiveness Analyzer, Meta Editor and Advanced Searches. This shows you your rank, current positions, search results and much more. These programs help you track keyword competitiveness, rank evolution and much more.

You will be surprised how much you can learn with the Google keyword searches. You can discover new keywords and phrases. You can also get ideas for new campaigns. You can save lists of keywords for future research. You can even get alerts when competitors are using similar words to yours.