Keyword Analyser For Websites

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Keyword Analyser For Websites

What is a keyword analyser? A keyword analyzer is an online program used by online marketers to uncover the keywords most likely to be used in an internet search. Keyword analysis is a crucial process search engine optimisers use to discover and then research highly searched keywords that internet users enter into various search engines searching for specific products, services or information. This article will show you how to identify the right keywords for your website so you can get the best possible placement in search engine results.

Search engines give top ranking to websites on their result pages (SERPs). The SERP contains the list of top results from searches performed by internet users. So, if your website appears on the first page of a search engine’s SERP then you are likely to receive more traffic. The key to effective website marketing is to get your website to appear on the first page of search results. Keyword analysis is an essential tool used to achieve this.

A keyword analyser is a program that provides keyword statistics to help website developers. It provides data such as the number of searches per month, daily and monthly average searches, and other relevant details which can help an online business decide where to concentrate its marketing efforts. These programs are very good value and can save hours of research. Also, they can save you considerable time in creating effective keywords.

A keyword analyser is not designed to be used as a one-way purchase. Analyzing keywords requires lots of patience and a little bit of common sense. It can sometimes seem very confusing and there are many different terms for particular types of keywords. It can also take some time to identify those keywords that are relevant to your website. A good keyword analyser can save you hours of research.

The more relevant your website is to a particular search, the more likely it will attract visitors. But how do you know whether your chosen keyword is actually popular? There are several ways to check this. One way is to see what the competing websites are doing. Google offers a free tool called “Overture Internet Explorer” which you can use to see which of the search engine results for each of the major ones is ranking.

Google’s website states: “The number of unique visits is based on the number of pages searched by a customer using a search engine rather than on the number of pages found on a site. It doesn’t include data for sites that contain advertisements or that direct customers to a link to another web page”. So the number of people who click on your advertised link is not included. This figure is actually a very high estimate however. More importantly, if someone is looking for a particular word or phrase but cannot find it in Google’s search results then they aren’t likely to click on your website, even if your ad is in the top 10.

A more useful tool which combines several of the above techniques is called a keyword analyser. The most basic keyword analyser simply lists the most common words that appear in a search. In the example given it might be “mortgage”. If the keyword “mortgage” is used 5 times in a search returned by Google (which is quite possible) then the keyword “mortgage quotes” has been included in this search. You may use other keyword searching techniques as well to boost your search engine rankings.

A more advanced keyword analyser allows you to enter in a range of figures about the competition you’re up against and also gives you a good idea of how much traffic you will get. Obviously if you’re targeting the mortgage market, you’ll want to enter a keyword with a low competition rate. The more common your keyword is the better your website will be ranked. There are also tools that can show you the competitiveness of a specific keyword. Once you have entered in your keywords, if they are popular enough they should start showing up on the first page of Google.